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Why see a therapist?

There are many different reasons why people come to therapy. It may be that a problem has been building up over a period of time; it could be that new circumstances feel challenging; perhaps difficult feelings or unwanted behaviours keep recurring; maybe there is an indefinable sense that things just don’t feel right.


Whatever the reason, people find themselves stuck with something that is getting in the way of living their life as they wish to. They may also feel unwilling or unable to talk to family, friends or colleagues about very personal feelings.
Therapy provides a private, confidential space where you can talk freely about the things that are troubling you. A trained psychotherapist can help to uncover the roots of your difficulties, make sense of emotions, break unhelpful patterns of thinking and aid greater understanding of oneself.  This in turn will strengthen your ability to cope and enable you to make positive changes in your life.

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