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What to expect

Beginning a new therapeutic relationship is an important process that requires some thought.  The following steps are designed to help in this endeavour, and to enable you to think with your therapist about whether this is the right place for you.


  • The first step is to have a brief initial telephone call to discuss what you are looking for and establish whether therapy is right for you at this time. We will also talk about some practical details including availability for sessions and fees.

  • Following this, a time is arranged to meet for an initial consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss in-depth what you are hoping for, and importantly, for you to experience a little of what therapy might give you. There would be plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions. Other sources of help would also be discussed, if appropriate.

  • If you decide you would like to begin, a mutually convenient time is agreed to meet for weekly sessions.

  • In weekly sessions your therapist will listen with empathy to the things that are troubling you and help you to explore and uncover the roots of difficult feelings, thoughts or behaviours. This may involve looking at recurring emotions, relationships, ways of thinking, patterns of behaviour, your early years and significant life events. This will help you to understand what is going on more clearly and perhaps from a different perspective.

  • Some people decide to have therapy for a short time, usually to focus on a specific situation. For others, longer term work is more appropriate. This can be discussed with your therapist.

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